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Need cheap yearly in EU
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Need cheap yearly in EU

jvnadrjvnadr Member
edited September 2014 in Requests


I need some ultra-cheap vps in EU. I don't mind about the exact location. Specs want to be ultra-low:

Memory 96-128MB, HDD 2-5GB, any 1 cpu core shared (I don't mind type), bandwidth >300GB p/m. Price range from LES price to no more than 10$ yearly. I don't mind about ipv4 or ipv6, just having some NAT ipv4 ports (no more than 10 ports).

PLEASE: Do not suggest LES or i-83 (France location), I already have them all.

Boxes will be used for occasionally rtmp re-stream CDN cluster (absolutely no load to server, just transit, events will be maximum 2-3 per month for no more than 3-4 hours, so, actually, no load or bwt intensive purposes).

I already have 9 boxes to my cluster, I would like 4-5 more, each one on different DC in Europe. I wouldn't mind some cheap extra than those boxes to US locations, if the speed connection to EU/Greece is decent (at least 4-5MB actual upload speed to Greece). I don't mind about the latency, just a decent upload speed.

Offers welcome


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