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A happy customer's review of BunnyCDN
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A happy customer's review of BunnyCDN

sanvitsanvit Member
edited April 2017 in Reviews

Hi there!

I've been using BunnyCDN for about one and a half month now, and I just needed to write this review.

  1. Pricing : Starting at $7.5/TB* (or $5/TB if you could live with 4 PoPs), this is the cheapest CDN you'll find. (To keep your credit, you have to deposit minimum of $5 a year)

  2. Support : Well, you won't be getting 10 minute guarantee ticket response time, but all of my tickets were answered within 12Hours, which is quite fast.

  3. Speed : For what I've used so far, their speed is pretty fast. I'll post ping test results from third party websites, and you can also try pinging :

  4. Control Panel Design : I can guarantee that you will fall in love with their control panel in first sight.

  5. Simple SSL : Integration with Let's Encrypt is only a click away.

  6. Trying to evolve : They are always trying to make their service better. They recently added a menu to manually override cache-control header. Also, if you have an idea, you can open up a ticket, and Dejan will do his best to implement it. For example, I opened up a ticket to add 'Password Reset' option for their Storage Zone FTP credentials, and it only took few hours for Dejan to add it. I also asked for OpenStack Swift compatibility for Storage Zones and Dejan said he's working on it, and will be added in the near future.

Of course nothing's perfect. There are some downsides for BunnyCDN.

  1. Lack of API documents : Their 'API' button on the control panel links to : '#'

  2. Only ASCII characters are supported on their storage zones. Dejan said this will be fixed in the near future though..

Yeah.... This is the only downside I can currently think of....


They are offering a free 14 day trial and $10 credit (check here for the credit), so wouldn't hurt to try out their service. Try it, and I believe you will love their service just as I do.

P.S. when signing up, please consider using my aff. link :D

ping results will be posted on comment.

*$7.5/TB US/EU traffic after using promo code posted on the offer

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