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Need Help with a VPS!
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Need Help with a VPS!

Hello Everyone!

I was wondering if you'd be able to help me out. I have just started a small tutoring business, here in the UK. We don't have a lot of money to spend on products. We have been donated a telephone number but we don't have a FreePBX system.

Would any of you guys be able to donate a small 1GB VPS to us to run this FreePBX system?

I know it's a lot to ask but, it would help us out a lot.

Kind Regards, David


  • @david_reid said:
    Hello Everyone!


    I dont think your going to get much luck finding a free VPS around here, and I would definitely not be trusting my phone system on something given to me for free with no form of SLA or guaranteed support.

    If you can't afford a small VPS for a core part of your setup, I would re-evaluate your business plan/funding.

    Just my 50cents.

  • david_reid said: I have just started a small tutoring business

    Business being the key word here.

    People donate to charities.

    If you are running a for-profit business, why would anyone in their right mind donate freebies to you?

    I agree with @AshleyUK - if you don't have the funds in your 'business' for a tiny VPS, then I can't see you getting very far.

    For something as critical as your telephone system, go with Bytemark - - for £10 a month with decent support and an SLA. Or get a phone line installed.

  • exception0x876exception0x876 Member, Provider
    edited December 2015

    2GB VPS from OVH costs 3 euros/mo, come on.

  • A VPS has now been donated kindly from @RA4W !

    Thanks Guys!

    Thanked by 1RA4W
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