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    Provider Title
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    Provider Title

    jarjar Provider
    edited February 2016 in Announcements

    Hey everyone!

    There seems to be some confusion around the Provider title here and I think it needs to be clarified what this title is and what it represents.

    The Provider title indicates that you have contacted me or a moderator and told us the company that you represent, and we have given you the title so that you may be able to post in the offer forum.

    The Provider title is NOT an indicator of:

    • Quality
    • Proper vetting
    • Authority
    • Social status
    • Professional status

    If your account meets the requirements to post offers and you wish to post offers, you need the provider title. If your account does not meet the requirements and/or you have no intention of posting offers from that account, you do NOT need the provider title.

    I have granted the provider title to a few accounts that do not qualify to post offers, accounts that have no intention of posting offers, in the name of status. This was my mistake. These will not be revoked. No further requests of this kind will be honored. The provider title exists purely to allow you to post in the Offer forum.

    This may change in the future, but we are not prepared to handle the workload of treating the title as a status symbol at this time.

    Thanks for listening :)


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