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Quarterly Top Provider Winners

Quarterly Top Provider Winners

jarlandjarland Provider
edited October 2015 in General

Hi everyone!

I’m here to share the results of the Quarterly Top Provider Poll. There were a lot of entries, here were the top 10:

  1. RamNode
  3. Prometeus & BuyVM
  4. DigitalOcean
  5. Dacentec
  6. Vultr
  7. OVH
  8. Dediserve
  9. HostUS

The top 5 new providers (there weren't that many votes):

  1. ArubaCloud
  2. ZXPlay
  3. Time4VPS
  4. Nexhost
  5. Mean Servers

The 5 winners of LowEndSpirit VPS:


The grand prize winner of the 2GB RAM VPS from Hudson Valley Host:


Prize winners will be contacted in the coming days with details about how to collect their winnings :)

Full disclosure section:


Some could have been combined but would not have made top 10, so the effort was not taken to combine them. Note that LowEndSpirit generic votes are missing, as they did not specify a provider. Had they done so, I suspect Inception would have been in the top 10.



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