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Looking for cheap 1G w/IPv6 [US/AP]
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Looking for cheap 1G w/IPv6 [US/AP]

Hello there,

I am looking for some cheap VPS equipped with the following details:

  • 1GB RAM
  • 10GB(or up) Disk space
  • 1 CPU Core (as some provider like cutting into half or quarter)
  • At lease 100mbps UL/DL (unmetered/cap at 1TB or up)

  • No OVZ please.
  • Prefer having SSD backed storage
  • Dedicated IP
  • rDNS record change-able

  • Location requirement:
    • Japan
    • Australia
    • Hong Kong (Spotlight! Will buy for $12 or below if it's in Hong Kong with stable uplink)
    • Los Angeles
    • Seattle
    • Other West Coast cities should also work, but pingable IP needed for sure

Finally the budget, as usual, $7/mo or BELOW(is better).


Telegram Me and Arch the way out.


  • rm_rm_ Member
    edited August 2014

    said: Japan

    Hong Kong

    All of those are okay for you, but then you skip Singapore???...

    There's like a dozen of providers in SG, and at least DigitalOcean seems to fit all your requirements.

    In Japan, Linode with their new $10 plan is a very good choice.

  • Japan: vultr or servaman

    Australia: ransomit @Oliver

    Hong kong: edis

    Los angeles: raptornode

    Seattle: ramnode

    Those would be my recomendations

    VirtWire Global - APNIC Member

  • rm_rm_ Member

    AutoSnipe said: Japan: vultr or servaman

    Vultr doesn't have nearly enough bandwidth in JP on cheap plans, and "[email protected]" is OpenVZ.

  • OliverOliver Member, Provider

    Thanks for mention @AutoSnipe

    I can help for the Australian service but can't do 1TB of bandwidth for $7. Probably best to email [email protected] and I can customise a plan.

    Ransom IT AU/NZ/JP/HK/SG VPS and Dedicated Provider | VPS/dedicated in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong!
  • @rm_ Thanks for the reminder of Singapore, but seems HKIX1 (yea I live in HK) have some congestions before in July and early August. And most of DigitalOcean and Linode thing is already in our plan, we mainly want find a vps like (as the thread said) that for some other front-end use.

    @AutoSnipe Thanks for the recommendation but we got some echo for that:

    Vultr: Not enough bandwidth capacity, never-need to say that their bandwidth billing style is not our cup of tea. (In short, it's weired.)

    Servaman: This? We can't see informations out there. Except "No Longer Trading" is put.

    [email protected]: Sorry it's OpenVZ, doesn't fit.

    RansomIT: Hmmm. I've seen it b4 on LEB's Australia category, I might get'em in contact to see if it fits. @Oliver

    EDIS: IT's TERRIBLE, MOST. We got like a Dial-Up network because it apppppppprarently got a network burst cap, once we transferred a single command(which it transfer and configure the node automagically, PS: the backup file is around 1 GB), it goes to like 1xMB/s (not typo), and then it went down immediately after like a minute. Eventually, we put EDIS at our last resort plan.

    RaptorNode: Ping from Hong Kong (~170ms avg) is okay, might go and see their plans.

    RamNode: Haven't tried, but seems their ping are quite fuzzy.

    Telegram Me and Arch the way out.

  • OliverOliver Member, Provider

    @lifehome if the LEB offers here are not suitable please contact me and I will try and put together a custom plan for you:


    Ransom IT AU/NZ/JP/HK/SG VPS and Dedicated Provider | VPS/dedicated in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong!
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