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    [SURVEY] OpenVZ VPS - 1GB RAM, 50GB HDD, 600GB/1TB Mo. Traffic - Location: Germany
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    [SURVEY] OpenVZ VPS - 1GB RAM, 50GB HDD, 600GB/1TB Mo. Traffic - Location: Germany

    XTServersXTServers Member
    edited May 2014 in Offers

    Hello there!

    We've been following LET and LEB for quite a while now (almost 2 years) but didn't really post anything until this week.

    Considering the "7$/month max" deals LEB requires we were thinking to set up a special/limitted offer but we would like to ask the community about some feedback. This would help us shape an offer to fit your needs better.

    How does this sound for you guys?

    Dik space: 50GB (or 5-7GB SSD)

    Guaranteed RAM: 1GB

    No. of cores: 1

    Monthly traffic: 600GB (we're thinking of increasing to 1TB)

    No. of IPv4 Addresses: 1

    Network port: 100Mbps (for each VPS, the server has 1Gbps connection)

    Location: Germany

    Network uptime: 99.9%

    PRICE: 5euro / month (a bit under 7$)

    A benchmark for a similar VPS would be:

    We think it should be a decent offer with NO OVERSELLING. All resources are guaranteed.

    Thank you for your time! - Hosting - VPS - Audio Streaming - Game Hosting

    6€/mo. - code: LETSPECIAL - DDoS Protected VPS (Canada & France): 2GB RAM, 125GB HDD, 2TB Traffic (15x codes / mo.)


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