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    Fully Managed $5.00 VPS
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    Fully Managed $5.00 VPS

    Happy Easter Everyone!

    Webline Services has a wide portfolio of hosting services such as Shared hosting, Ecommerce Hosting, Master Reseller,Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated servers in both Linux and Windows platforms! We also have domain registrations, and SSL's . We have our own inhouse datacenters in multiple locations as well as bilingual staff.

    Our OpenVZ Linux VPS has won many awards and we invite you to take a look and sign up today with coupon code lowendbox to get 15% off for life on an already inexpensive VPS.

    Server specifications and pricing details are as below

    OpenVZ Starter

    512 MB guaranteed RAM
    2 CPU core
    30 GB space
    1000 GB monthly bandwidth
    1 Ipv4 address and Ipv6 available

    Monthly Price : $5.00
    Promo Code : lowendbox for 15% off for life.

    Payment methods

    Credit Card

    For any questions related to our services or promotional offers, please send us an email to [email protected] or initiate a Live chat from here


    • iSkyiSky Member

      Fully managed for $5 are u kiddin ?

    • SunnSunn Member

      It is past April Fools.

    • NickMNickM Member

      said: We have our own inhouse datacenters

      So... your staff members' basements?

    • HostNunHostNun Member
      edited April 2014

      I had a VPS with Webline Services for a month or two. It wasn't 'fully managed' so I can't speak to that, but their support went above and beyond to accommodate some of my requests that might have normally fallen in the 'managed services' category. I had no problems with the service itself at the time. Fast New York network and no downtime.

      I ended up downgrading the VPS to shared hosting because I had overestimated my needs. I still have the shared hosting plan with them at the time of this message and have no complaints whatsoever.

      As to whether they can offer fully managed services for $5, that's another story, but it might be worth a shot.

      Thanked by 1iSky
    • iSkyiSky Member

      @hostnun i think they can't tell the different between which one is full manage and one that self manage. For technical issue they will handle, they said it count as fully managed.

    • @vlinares I think it would be helpful if you defined what you mean by 'fully managed'. If you don't give the term a context, you can't blame people for reacting cynically.

      Thanked by 1darkshire
    • What we mean is that we will handle just about any issue or configuration request you may have with your server outside of custom software/script installations so for example:
      *Security audits.
      *Loading problems or sluggishness.
      *Network related issues.
      *Failure of server to boot.
      *Hardware failures
      *DNS Configuration
      *Troubleshooting script configurations and/or website errors.
      *E-mail configuration
      *Software upgrades & migrations
      *Backup configurations
      I apologize for the confusion and hope this clears it up a bit

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