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should vps plans with less than 512mb disappear?
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should vps plans with less than 512mb disappear?

gappergapper Member

for example ramnode offers 192mb openvz plan but i think it should be 512mb, hell it is 2021

what do you think guys?

vps should have minimum 512mb?
  1. vps should have minimum 512mb?118 votes
    1. yes
    2. no


  • MGarbisMGarbis Member

    Sometimes 512 is too much. There's no need to have more than enough.

  • jsgjsg Member

    I'm running multiple name servers on 256 MB and even 128 MB would work.

    So: clearly NO, plans with less than 512mb should NOT disappear.

    The problem with democracy is that by definition > 85% of the voters are not particularly intelligent.

  • Daniel15Daniel15 Member
    edited April 19

    I'm using a few VPSes with 256 MB RAM for, but even 128 MB would be okay.

  • 512 is plenty for OpenVZ boxes considering what they're usually used for (nameservers, VPN servers, uptime monitors, etc.).

  • defaultdefault Member
    edited April 19

    Technology may evolve, but our needs are still quite simple. Besides, this is LET, and we love a good challenge into what we can do with small and cheap servers. In my opinion the answer here is a clear NO. I actually like more diversity in LET offers.

    Fastmako (aff) - another cheap VPS.

  • raindog308raindog308 Administrator, Moderator

    Debian 10 runs happily in 256MB of RAM:

    For LET support, please visit the support desk.

  • @gapper said: i think it should be 512mb, hell it is 2021

    Wrong forum. Go to the Docker one, but be sure to have your Electron up and running inside your Kubernetes.

    I have a 256 MB NAT VPS from @Cam and it's more than enough for my Telegram bots.
    Barely loaded, I have plans to put heavier burden onto it.

    You should get one too, at least to support LowEnd movement:

    “Oh, little snowflakes, when did you all become grandmothers and society matrons, clutching your pearls in horror at someone who has an opinion about something… you snivelling little weak-ass narcissists?”

  • corbpiecorbpie Member

    4GB is the new 512MB


  • _MS__MS_ Member

    Depends on the use case. 512 MB is more than enough in some cases, and too little in others. 256 MB runs a lot of stuff nicely too. Even 128 MB is fine if you only need to run a VPN or other stuff with little RAM requirements. So, no.

  • No. It's the cheap way to have everything. You can easily run a website, DNS, a bot for telegram, and a VPN at the same time. I'm thinking about buying the pack of 6 NAT VPS from @cam and making a worldwide VPN for myself. I have one 512 MB VPS from @dustinc that I won in a giveaway, and I use it to rclone my backups to one drive.

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    My Blog
    Contabo GmbH insanely cheap VPS |

  • elliotcelliotc Member

    "Old soldiers never die, they just fade away."

    Thanked by 1skorupion

    Don't give me hope.

  • Why is this a discussion when there's still a demand for it? Economy should determine the need.
    People shouldn't be deprived of tiny VPSs when that's all they want.

    Thanked by 2rhinoduck drunkendog
  • akbakb Member

    I have a 64 MB VPS from securedragon since 2012 and its been running Debian 9 comfortably with nginx as reverse proxy (hint: builds from nginx's own repos use less memory), a authoritative DNS server, a inbound mail relay for a decent traffic website plus a OpenVPN tunnel to the main server. In 2021 I converted it to Alpine while keeping the use case same with similar packages. And now I had 50 MB free memory. Added dnsmasq (as caching DNS + ads blocker) & a custom compiled sshguard. Still have 48 free out of 64 MB.

    Today I can get a 1GB VPS (even 2GB on special days) in lower than what I am paying for this 64 MB one and then bloat it with whatever I want. But whats the fun in it? You learn a lot of stuff in process of optimizing your resource usages. Besides that, the stability & uptime of this tiny VPS has been much more than that of my costliest server purchases. So No .. 512 MB plans shouldn't disappear at all. Running maximum of apps efficiently on minimum of resources used to be slogan of LET.

    Thanked by 3farsighter xetsys titus
  • I don't think they should, everyone has different requirements, and 512 MB suffice for most of minor resources consuming uses, according to me it should stay and serve the purpose

  • anything below DDR4 512MB should be phased out in a systematic way.

  • should anything disappear at all because you don't find a use for it?

    Thanked by 1farsighter

    Will date ur mom 4 vps

  • Considering these day you can have 1GB for the price of these 512MB and under, I take the 1GB one.

  • xetsysxetsys Member

    @akb said:

    Pretty much this. I have learned more when strapped for server resources. One tends to search a way around the normal practices and often end up finding something better! Even if one can afford a higher end VPS or a server, a lower end NAT VPS is recommended for quick learning.

  • titustitus Member

    Less RAM than 512MB is enough for a lot of 'small' and useful tasks, processes: VPN, IRC tools (for example eggdrop, znc), small static websites. I have some VPS with 256MB RAM from different providers, and I'm happy with them.

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