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[IONSWITCH] Out Best Annual VPS Offers - 37.5% off list price!
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[IONSWITCH] Out Best Annual VPS Offers - 37.5% off list price!

IonSwitchIonSwitch Member, Provider

IonSwitch has been providing VPS/VDS (each of our products has a documented resource allocation in our knowledge base) from our network in Seattle, Washington for nearly two years. We have been growing our base of E5-2670 (or better) hosts, fast pure SSD backed storage on hardware raid controllers, and NVME hosting. All KVM. All highly available with 25Gb/s of connectivity into our racks.

Our systems are not oversold (we keep load under core count, and allocate resources per user) and will remain performant. While we have a 2 day refund period, we want happy customers and promise to keep our systems performant, and while we haven't ever had to, would discuss prorated refunds if we ever couldn't meet your expectations for our systems.

Our VPS1, VPS2, and VPS4 products are 25% with coupon 2018-BLACKFRIDAY with an annual purchase. This 25% is on top of our 17% discount for annual purchases!

VPS1 ($26.25/yr): 1 Core (1/4 Dedicated) - 1GB Ram - 10 GB SSD - 1TB

VPS2 (52.50/yr): 2 Core (1/2 Dedicated) - 2GB Ram - 25 GB SSD - 1TB

VPS4 ($105.00/yr) 4 Core (1 Dedicated) - 4GB Ram - 50 GB SSD - 1TB

VPS8 ($210.00/yr): 6 Core (2 Dedicated) - 8GB Ram - 100 GB SSD - 1TB

Additionally, we have a small stock of 512MB VPS512's available for $15/year with coupon 2018-BLACKFRIDAY512

VPS512 ($15/yr): 1 Core (1/8th Dedicated) - 512MB Ram - 5GB SSD - 1/2TB.

BGP is free for any VPS! Just open a case. On the VPS512 I can bump the storage to 10GB with a support case. Nick and Stan are both very active on the LowEndTalk Discord server -- come say hi. Per our knowledge base we do block SMTP ports, and are happy to unblock those for legitimate uses on VPS1 and higher packages.

Please note that these deals do not include any addon's such as additional IP addresses, direct SIX connectivity, etc

Thanked by 2Mxl uptime

IonSwitch, LLC | VPS, Colocation, and Dedicated Servers | Seattle, WA
| AS16584 | Looking Glass | Email me! [email protected]


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