MyServerPlanet Reseller Review
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MyServerPlanet Reseller Review

Quite disappointing.

I used to have a Myserverplanet reseller account, but requested a cancellation on 17 June 2018

Was not cancelled, I made a ticket to cancel on 15 August 2018 ( When I realised its still active ), reply from support was swift, but my account is still active.

A brief history between my opinion of myserverplanet.
My reseller account was closed MANUALLY by Nick because a lot of my sub accounts was sending out spam/phising ( I could identify and suspend 2 of them, before he closed my account ). Which I agree, but he closed my entire account not just suspending all the users ( even the legit ones ), so I couldn't get backups.
I was slightly disappointed because I couldn't get backups, but I understood his decision, it was okay. Just don't understand why I can't get my account cancelled.
Most other reseller accounts I have used, if an account was phising/sending out spam, they would suspend those accounts, and I was okay with it. Just felt weird my account got closed, but still active :(.

In addition, in April 2018 I told nick his cPanel/WHM link was not secured, multiple times, and he has done nothing to it till today.

Overall his reseller hosting is okay.

Pros :
You are put on the server his main site is on. I doubt he would let it go down, as it is very important for his main site to be online ( unless he stops caring about myserverplanet completely, and focus solely on building illegal internet connections in UK )
The price is also very good. $10 for a reseller + WHMCS starter license is quite good.

Cons :
May completely close your account with no chance of backup ( But with a valid reason )
He cannot put SSL on his cPanel/WHM page, unless it was intentional that he wants unsecured connections for 4 months to his cPanel/WHM.


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