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I sell 2 licenses Owned LiteSpeed Web Server - 1 Core

I sell 2 licenses Owned LiteSpeed Web Server - 1 Core

phpminphpmin Member
edited August 2017 in General

Hello everyone

As by title I sell two licenses LiteSpeed Web Server - 1 Core (Every License of Litespeed has a cost of $249.00 USD One Time + 50$ renew price). I dont use em anymore (i have only dedicated servers, not anymore vps, and i have changed my base config of servers) so its useless to keep having licenses of software i dont use anymore. I ask for every license 140$> 130$ (Paypal). I have already included transfer fees and, of course, a Discount. If Admin neeed some Proof i already own those Licenses i can give that proof in Priv MSG OFC + Screenshot my account or whatever else. If you are not sure about me i think you can even contact Litespeed Tech support because I linked from my account (where i have those licenses and where i asked some info about transfer fees) this thread on LET.

Details of this license:

  • Assigned CPU Cores 1
  • RAM Limit 2 GB
  • Concurrent Connections 500
  • Caching* Optional

Other Details:


Eventually it's possible to reset my password and to give the buyer access to my account (if the buyer is going to buy both licenses). It's totally legit and i just asked that at Litespeed Tech Support (and confirmed right now from Litespeed Tech Support).


Those licenses are overdue. It means you have to pay 50$ to litespeed to renew them.

Feel free to ask whatever you want

Edit > I changed slightly the price request after some feedback. This is the final price, no negotiation.


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