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    Need a dedicated server
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    Need a dedicated server

    SadySady Member
    edited February 2015 in Requests

    Hello All,

    I need another dedicated server to play with XEN, Need you guys to list what you can ;)

    There is what i need :

    Dual L5520 (or equivalent)

    RAM: 16GB

    HDD: 2x 256 GB SSD or 2x128 GB SSD

    IPs needed: /29 at start but would love to have more IPs when needed.

    Bandwidth: Should be 1Gbps port & 5TB Bnadwidth would be more than enough.

    Location is not a concern, would appreciate better pings to Asia (Pakistan).

    Note: IPMI is a must or maybe free OS reinstalls

    Budget: $50 (Can stretch a bit if needed).

    I don't have any relation/affiliation with any LET Host, All of my comments are my own
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