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SOGo - install and configure help
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SOGo - install and configure help

I'm looking forward how to setup SOGo but I guess there docs / guides are all half baked. While the software itself look promising and robust.

I’ve asked JAR from MXRoute and Nick from Daring Host to take a look as well, but they also reported the exact same broken guides problems. Presuming 3 experienced techs cannot be wrong, I conclude the documentation/discussion/support is half baked on purpose so that people are forced buy their $750 costly support package. It’s a tactic I smell.

Thanks to Jar! for recommending Kolab instead. looks great, I could install it but havent got time to test inner workings.
I'm open to choose any better alternatives for MS Exchange which have a good solid MAIL Server, offer seamless updation on caldav and other collaborative tasks.


  • I looked at SOGo and had the same problems, I then went for Kolab but could not get multi-domain working. Ended up on Horde + Postfix + Virtual users (and PostfixAdmin). Works well, uses alot less memory and more flexible. Horde also has ActiveSync support, Calendar and Addressbook Sync and support out of the box (install) :)

  • Go for zimbra opensource on ubuntu, only issue is minimum 2 GB ram is required.
    I am happy with performance

  • @praveen Zimbra Opensource has no Activesync :( though with a little work you can get zpush working.

  • mehargagsmehargags Member
    edited October 2014

    I want proper ActiveSync support throughout -- free of of cost. Don't care what is available but that's what Sogo promises. Zimbra costs for Activesync.

    Zpush has problems if multiple accounts on one mobile.

    does the suggested HORDE have free activesync alternative, for multiple accounts ?

  • cassacassa Member, Provider

    You can also try Zentyal, it's a full small business server.

    ik moet poepen

  • I'm shutting down Sogo Ideas, the free support and docs are horrendous.

    @cassa said:
    You can also try Zentyal, it's a full small business server.

    Thanks Casa -- Zentyal looks promising too.. Will dive and look deep.

    I'm primarily looking for a system which is scalable without license cost. and I fear any project that has commercial version will at some point have some limits imposed.

    I'd like to have more pointers here... so keeping all eyes open.

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