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Dedicated for image/photo site
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Dedicated for image/photo site

vaotamvaotam Member
edited January 24 in Help

I found a server. Done!


  • @vaotam said:
    My budget is 150-200$ for one server, I can buy max 5 servers because my storage already nearly 10TB.

    • I am currently using HDD storage - 2x2 TB HDD and make it become raid 0 to use full 4 TB HDD on /root disk, but photos load very slow and blur ( customers load, not servers load ) when servers had nearly 3 TB/4 TB.

    So anyone recommend best dedicated for my budget and it can load fast?

    Thank all for support!

    choose SSDdisk for faster input/output.
    and a good processor e.g ryzen series.
    setup raid10 also if you choose hdd.

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  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Provider

    Slice + slab!


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  • lentrolentro Member, Provider

    You can't go wrong with @seriesn's storage VPSes:

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  • Use an S3 storage. Then put a reverse proxy in front of it with nginx with ssd server. Cache most requested images on nginx server. With this way you don't have to worry about storage size and images will load fast.

  • NetDynamics24NetDynamics24 Member, Provider

    I would suggest you AMD Ryzen 7 (or 9) with NVMe disks and a remote backup storage.

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