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I Did Say I was New at This....Please Help point me
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I Did Say I was New at This....Please Help point me

Okay, so perhaps Proxmox isn't ideal, or maybe I'm missing something even more obvious.

Whilst I set out into this expecting to exercise what little grey matter I have left, I now see, I'm kind of out of my depth here a bit....

So what I am trying to achieve is:

1) To create a subdomain pointing to my Dedi.
2) On the Dedi, create a VM running SugarCRM
3) To have that accessible via a browser.

So. In regard to item one. I can edit my DNS records, and I thought what I had to do was add either a CNAME record pointing to the Dedi, or an A record, with the IP of the Dedi.

In regard to number 2, I've spent all afternoon creating and deleting CTs in Proxmox (2.3) - watching them create and then not having the first clue what to do after. I've read so much, I'm not sure I'm coming or going right now, but I think my issue is all to do with maybe Proxmox not being set up or configured properly by me. In simple terms, I'm not sure what steps I need to take to create the CT correctly with the right network settings etc.

I haven't even thought about number 3 yet.

I think, what I am asking in the simplest way, is there a dummies guide for any of this - something that will hold my hand a little, from the point I can see the space and admin console on my dedi, can see the Proxmox 2.3 admin console....and....oh yes, I downloaded the template for what I want - so I can create the CT, and from this point on I have no idea how to configure it.

I admit freely, to being even more of a novice at this that I thought I would be, but I'd like to


  • Do you got any extra ip addresses? - Server and website monitoring. Free to use!

  • @taronyu - it would seem I have an IP Failover address (and vagualy recall it saying something about it was needed in the support page (translated)).

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