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Need a vps for samp server
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Need a vps for samp server

VZ Type:
Eg. OpenVZ

Number of Cores: 1 or 2
RAM: Minimum 1gb
Disk Space: Minimum 20gb
Disk Type: Any

Bandwidth: Minimum 1tb
Port Speed: No idea about this :s

DDoS Protection: Yes

Number of IPs:

Must be in Europe. Preferring NL/FR/Germany

Upto $3

Billing period:Monthly.


  • edited October 12

    with those budget you could use the service from 99% peovider in LET..

    Just find it on offers section

    A simple uptime dashboard using UptimeRobot API
    Currently using VPS from BuyVM, HostHatch, HostSailor, HostSolutions, InceptionHosting, LiteServer, MaxKVM, MrVM, ServaRICA, VirMach.

  • I've been searching up but couldn't really find a suitable provider. Either they're lacking ram or they're not providing DDOS protection. If both, then they're not providing Europe servers.

  • alwyzonalwyzon Member, Provider

    I can‘t offer you monthly billing, but if you would be fine with quarterly billing too, I guess you might be interested in our KVM Server S package:

    KVM Server S: 6,60 € per quarter for…
    2 GB DDR4 ECC Memory
    1 vCore Intel® Xeon® Processor
    20 GB SSD Storage (RAID 10)
    1.000 Mb/s Up- and Downlink
    ✓ Powered by KVM & Proxmox
    ✓ 1x IPv4 + /64 IPv6 included
    ✓ 5 TB Monthly Unthrottled Bandwidth

    [[ ORDER NOW ]]
    All prices are excl. VAT, if applicable.

    alwyzon - KVM Virtual Servers in NL starting at 1,80 €/month (excl. VAT)

  • Thank you for the offer. May I ask which location is the server located in and what about ddos protection?

  • alwyzonalwyzon Member, Provider

    The servers are located in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. We do provide limited DDoS protection for layer 3 and 4 attacks, but if you believe you are at a high risk of attack, consider opening a ticket on our website to further discuss details of your setup and the kind and size of attacks to see if we are a good fit for you.

    alwyzon - KVM Virtual Servers in NL starting at 1,80 €/month (excl. VAT)

  • WSCallumWSCallum Member, Provider

    Our latest offer would be perfect for your needs but is slightly over your budget, unless you can opt for semi-annual payments?

    Clouveo - SSD Cloud Servers & Hosting
    AMD EPYC Powered | DDoS Protected | Snapshots | Auto Backups

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