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igpu westcoast dedicated server
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igpu westcoast dedicated server

im looking for some sort of igpu support dedicated server host based on the west coast USA if possible, around $100USD max price.
windows OS,16gb max ram,250gb hdd at least, 100mb connection is fine

if you wanted to know what its for. i intend to use it as a dedicated host pc for an old peer2peer game(r6/rs) to make it work best it'll need to have working directdraw i have had it work on windows server 2016, i dare say 2019 as well since I worked out later that MS remote desktop disables directdraw. optimally windows 7 would be used.
westcoast because its better ping for me in Australia but based in the US due to because the majority of the playerbase is from
LA being 170ping vs Dallas 220 vs new york 300ish


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