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sallysally Member
edited August 2020 in General

Really like this benchmark, but is there any way to run it minus the Geekbench hammer...?


  • Just took a quick look at the script; if you don't need the Geekbench test, just delete everything in the geekbench5() function (line 480 - 523) and run it again.

    Thanked by 1sally
  • Many thanks for your help... :smile:

  • sallysally Member
    edited August 2020

    `./ line 988: geekbench5: command not found
    ## IO Test

    CPU Speed:
    bzip2 : 87.9 MB/s
    sha256 : 139 MB/s
    md5sum : 441 MB/s

    RAM Speed:
    Avg. write : 1709.2 MB/s
    Avg. read : 3242.7 MB/s

    Disk Speed:
    1st run : 250 MB/s
    2nd run : 445 MB/s
    3rd run : 384 MB/s

    Average : 359.7 MB/s

    ## Europe Speedtest

    That'll do nicely, thanks again @dedipromo ...!

    Thanked by 1dedipromo
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