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About krypt ,Is it right?
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About krypt ,Is it right?

I bought some servers for krypt at BF.
And I ordered the offer from there page and paid the invoice, The I passed the billing review and server was PROVISIONING.
At the second day, they told me i need pay additional 'miss payment'.
That's mean they set a wrong price and i should pay for their mistakes.
I had discussed with they.But they insisted that I should pay.
Is that's right?


  • Not that's not right you can ask for the refund . Its there mistake either they should provide you the service or fully refund it

    Reach me at . Discord Id: Manish#6403

  • Really depends on where they're located. Some countries allow this kind of bullshit (or allow companies to pull this kind of bullshit on you by singing the contract).

    But regardless of legality, it is at the very least semi-shady and bad business. If I were you, I would want to get away from these people ASAP, or you might be in for more ugly surprises.

  • I'd get a refund and never talk to them again! :) - Affordable VPS and Web Hosting | - Affordable VPN
    +++ All profits donated to PDX community programs.

  • marvelmarvel Member without signature

    Well it depends, if you got a dedi with 64 cores for $5 a month because of mispricing in their billing system I would understand.

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