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Dedicated for PostgreSQL 64G+ SSD/NVMe wanted $60 max
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Dedicated for PostgreSQL 64G+ SSD/NVMe wanted $60 max

flashgunflashgun Member
edited January 2 in Requests

Hi team,

after DignusData disappeared looking for the dedicated server for my pet-project. The load is pretty high: 700 tps or so.

Processor CPU Mark: 13000+
Memory: 64G+
SSD/NVMe: 512G+
Network: 15Tb+ on 1G port
Budget: $60 monthly or less :)
Location: any

Also need in custom partitioning of drive(s) because using ZFS with compression for DB/WAL files.

Currently the best offers are:

  • EuServ Instant64 AR SSD v6 (47.60 euro + 53.55 installation fee + 4 weeks to wait for delivery)
  • Hetzner AX41-NVMe for 39 euro + 39 euro setup fee + 20% taxes

Can anyone suggest something more interesting?
No mail/spam/scam/mining/adult and anything. Just database and some perl scripts collecting data from xbox live restful api.


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