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    VPS with BGP session in EU
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    VPS with BGP session in EU


    Number of Cores: 1-2
    RAM: 1GB
    Disk Space: 25GB+
    Disk Type: Any
    Bandwidth: 1000GB+
    Port Speed: 1Gbps
    DDoS Protection: No
    Number of IPs: 1
    Location: Eastern Europe (Romania, Ukraine, Poland etc and/or Russia).
    Budget: $15/m
    Billing period: Monthly

    Looking for a location to add to our anycast network, currently utilizing two other providers but none have locations in eastern Europe. Preferably low/free BGP costs as well and also not recurring fees for BGP. Ful table is preferred with communities!

    We have tried M247 (vps247) but their communities were constantly changing and announcements sadly weren't going through properly.


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