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Outbound SPAM control
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Outbound SPAM control

LTnigerLTniger Member
edited November 2019 in Help

How do you battle compromised mailboxes? Any free tools to monitor and automatically clear mail queue if certain tresholds are met?

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  • Csf mail manager?

  • You can easily write a script and trigger it when sending email in exim. That is if you are using exim. Havent played with postfix yet.

  • A fool.

  • For Linux a cronjob is good for clearing the queue in intervals.
    But it is good to reset the email password to prevent further sending compromised emails from the email account, by that the server IP reputation can be saved.

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  • nemnem Member, Provider

    rspamd is a low cost outbound milter. It's also a policy milter, so you can rate-limit mail from ESMTPA accounts. If you know what you're looking for and using Postfix the following will purge mail matching a regex:

    rmspam () 
        grep --color=auto -rsl "$EMAIL" $SPOOL/active/ $SPOOL/bounce/ $SPOOL/deferred/ $SPOOL/incoming/ | { 
            while read -r ID; do
                postsuper -d "$ID" 2> /dev/null;
            echo "Removed $CNT messages"
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  • spam assassin?

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