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Hetzner EX52 tranfer
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Hetzner EX52 tranfer


I am having 2 Hetzner ex52 dual 1tb nvme servers located in Germany which I don't need anymore, so if someone is interested in them I can transfer them to him.

I rented them 2 months ago because I needed them for one project, but that is finished now, so I don't need them anymore.

Servers are performing great, network better than I thought, peering even with NA was very good :)

Price of this server is 59 euro per month, and I paid 59 euro setup fee, so If you want one or both, the price for this transfer would be 35 euro for one or 60 euro for both.

If anyone is interested, just send me a message here :)


  • When do they renew? How many IPs?

  • how to tranfer my friend,very interested

  • Sorry I didn't see the message, one server is still available :)

    It is relatively easy to transfer it, I create a transfer token, I send it to you, you pay me and I confirm the transfer 😊

  • One is still available, and because in couple of days I need to renew it, I offer this server for only 25 euro 😊

    If anyone is interested, just send me a PM

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