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Itx Nas/Server Build
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Itx Nas/Server Build

dragon2611dragon2611 Member
edited April 2015 in Help

Thinking of buying this board

and this case.

Machines going to be a NAS but I also want the ability to run a few small VM's that mostly idle (E.g my seafile server)

Does anyone have any experience of the Asrock server boards? I know supermicro also do a C2750 based board but I don't believe it has the extra sata ports the Asrock has.

Any alternative I should be looking at?

Needs plenty of Sata ports and ideally IPMI with KVMoIP or at a minimum the ability to auto power-on when AC power is applied (I have an external KVMoIP if needed).

Also after a fairly low power usage on the board/cpu if possible as I suspect when fully populated the drives alone will be fairly power hungry I'd rather keep the total power usage as low as possible.

Not worried about H/W raid as I'd prefer to expose all the drives as JBOD and manage them in software.


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