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Q3 2016 Top Provider Poll Results
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Q3 2016 Top Provider Poll Results

jarjar Provider
edited November 2016 in Announcements

Hey everyone!

I'd like to share with you the results of the recent top provider poll.

Top 5 Provider spots:

  1. BuyVM (51 votes)
  2. RamNode (42 votes)
  3. OVH (33 votes)
  4. HostUS (31 votes)
  5. Prometeus, DigitalOcean, Dediserve (each with 17 votes)

Top 3 New Providers:

  1. BudgetNode
  2. Virmach
  3. ImpactVPS

As much as I would have loved to list more than 3 new providers, the votes were too scattered. To list 5 spots, I would list every provider (15 providers) that was voted on.

(Note: While I tried to combine brands I may have missed some, but they wouldn't have impacted the top 5)

Prize winners! You will be contacted soon.

Prize #1 winner:

Prize #2 winners:

Prize #3 winners:

Prize #4 winners:

Founder @ MXroute. This post reminds @alexvolk of the time someone sent me red bull.



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