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[NL/FR/CA] 20% Recurring - SSD/HDD KVM VPS - €2.39/month for 512 MB

[NL/FR/CA] 20% Recurring - SSD/HDD KVM VPS - €2.39/month for 512 MB

VereloxVerelox Member, Provider
edited October 2016 in Offers


We are running a 20% discount on our HDD and SSD KVM servers and wanted to share the deal with you! We will make it fast:

1. In-house built billing and control panel. See our getting started guide for screenshots.
2. KVM Virtualization.
3. VNC/Console access.
4. Custom ISO directly from the control panel: upload from your own URL or use one of our predefined ISOs.
5. IPv6 supported.
6. Hourly billing.
7. DDoS protected.
8. API available.
9. Incoming bandwidth is free/not metered.
10. Intel Xeon E3 or E5 with 3.2 GHz or more processors.

See more at


512 MB RAM
1 Core 3+ GHz
15 GB HDD or 7 GB SSD
500 GB Outgoing B/W
€2.39/month. (~$2.6)

768 MB RAM
1 Core 3+ GHz
20 GB HDD or 12 GB SSD
1024 GB Outgoing B/W
€3.19/month. ($3.51)

1024 MB RAM
1 Core 3+ GHz
30 GB HDD or 10 GB SSD or 15 GB SSD
1024 GB Outgoing B/W
30 GB HDD: €3.99/month. (~$4.35)
10 GB SSD: €3.34/month. (~$3.65)
15 GB SSD: €4.2/month. (~$4.6)

1536 MB RAM
1 Core 3+ GHz
35 GB HDD or 20 GB SSD
1536 GB Outgoing B/W
35 GB HDD: €4.79/month. (~$5.25)
20 GB SSD: €5.59/month. (~$6.12)

2048 MB RAM
2 Cores 3+ GHz
3072 GB Outgoing B/W
45 GB HDD: €6.39/month. (~$7)

More plans with 20% off can be found at

Network Speed: 1Gbps
HDD Locations: Netherlands, France, Canada.
SSD Locations: Netherlands, France.

ASN, uplink and test files:
Looking Glass:

Accepted Payment methods: PayPal, Bitcoins, credit cards.

If you have any questions, you can contact us over here through PM, live chat or by opening a sales ticket.

Thanks for reading!

P.S By default, a /128 IPv6 subnet is assigned (the nicer term for 1 IPv6), but if you deploy in Netherlands, open a ticket and we can happily assign you more IPv6 subnets.


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