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Latest LowEndBox Offers FTP backup space
    New on LowEndTalk? Please read our 'Community Rules' by clicking on it in the right menu! FTP backup space

    Would you store sensitive data in here? Things like email backups etc?

    What kind of data do you store on these free 100GB FTP allocations?


    • I don't store anything there.
      You could always encrypt your backups to feel safer about storing them there. - free, redundant, DDoS-protected TSDNS

    • Only my gpg keys know.

      jeromeza said: What kind of data do you store on these free 100GB FTP allocations?

      Go give Vultr(referral) a try. | GNU/Linux

    • Yes, why not?

      Let's bet which dot-name will collapse first ;)

    • Encrypted (gpg) tar backups, and you can access the ftp service from anywhere to recover them.

      Note: whatever you plan to use it for there's a limit on the number of files you can store 1,000 if I recall. It's intended for large infrequent backup archives.

    • @cochon @GM2015 , thanks - I need to read up on gpg backups.

      File limit shouldn't be an issue. It's daily mail / DNS backups and I don't need more than 3 months.

    • GM2015GM2015 Member
      edited February 2016

      I found their ftp space to time out too many times with filezilla from our residential connection in the UK. Connecting from their network or from delimiter atlanta gave no time out issues. I'd suggest using a socks proxy(ssh port forwarding or danted) for manual file downloads.

      I've google these when I started with gpg:

      You need to know that using your gpg public key(which can be shared anyway) is good enough for encrypting backups.

      This is something I've written to back up from windows with cygwin but I failed to get cron working on windows. Or you can just write a new one from scratch to fit your scripting style anyway.

      Anyway, this has rsync, ftp upload automated and curl upload to webdav storage like owncloud. I've got curl to webdav sample from the 1TB free NL storage thread.

      jeromeza said: I need to read up on gpg backups.

      Go give Vultr(referral) a try. | GNU/Linux

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