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Looking for a VPS/dedicated for minecraft, CHEAP
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Looking for a VPS/dedicated for minecraft, CHEAP

Asgard20032Asgard20032 Member
edited December 2015 in Requests

Hi, I want to make a minecraft server, but i need either a VPS that don't have a fair usage policy, a.k.a cpu usage limit, so dedicated core, or a dedicated, verry cheap in canada or north of united-state. 10-20 people. Why a vps or dedicated and not just a basic hosting on some random minecraft hosting website? To have control on the server to install mods, have a web server, and some mod that do some webpage, like a mod that allow people to create auction that are available on a webpage. budget : 60-140$ per years. ($ shared between me and friend).


10-20 people (average 12)
Possibly Direwolf modpack, feedthebeast
Some server mod, but nothing too much intense
Small webserver and or mod that have application specific webserver, like dynamic map

Don't need more than 2 core, i mainly need ram. Need to have abusive plan/dedicated core.


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