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Freeshell Provider looking for contributors!
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Freeshell Provider looking for contributors!

cripperzcripperz Member
edited November 2011 in General

I have a feeling that i might get flamed somehow but what the hell. It is 2:35am and i just managed to fix my server that gave be one hell of a time.

Now i am looking for any VPS provider who are interested in joining hands to offer freeshell service via my forum @ . Well competition aside, the objective of this is to really have bond~ haha like real mutual respect of each other seriously.

So those providers who contributed the minimum spec of vps as indicated below will have the ssh banner and motd to their website and a little write of their service. Also, your services will be indicated in that forum page that you see in .

Minimum Spec Im Looking At
10 to 30GB of hard disk
384Mb to 512Mb ram
100 to 500gb traffic per month

These users are mainly scripters, does perl or python, use irc, etc. Well whole objective of this, a passive exposure for you and fun with more freeshells to play for the guys. Seriously, while some people here collects vps, many out there still collects free shells. Of course the freeshell will be maintain and monitored by volunteers in . Just gimme a shout out of what you think.

Oh yeah P/S: i did have my freeshell service running from my home box via 100mbps cable + ipv6 for awhile, its dead now and i havent really got much motivation to bring it back up again since im thinking of total overhaul of my room, maybe have a rack set up in my room with multiple connections to it with some that i already have. =x. I also give out freeshells to my vps service subscribers so which means another exposure for you guys. Seriously i am not really worried of competition as my line of business is not just purely vps hosting. =P. To those who still wonders what the hell am i thinking, go read my blog posts


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