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I want to buy some dedicated here but found not review about this service, please help!


  • BradBrad Member, Provider

    Personally have never tried them, but they appear to be decent.

    There's also Dacentec that may be of interest, that is if you're looking for low end servers.

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  • I had a dedi there for more than a year. Fast ticket response the few times I needed it, very little downtime and generally a smooth ride.

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  • armindsarminds Member, Provider

    Too delayed responses from sales team, and most inquiries were ignored. I found @dacentec here and in other forums they were extremely fast in responding to inquiries, deploying the server and very friendly and easy to deal with.

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  • @vaotam I can offer a 10% discount on anything from DataShack priced greater than or equal to $49. The discount applies to additional IP addresses too.

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  • @arminds said:
    Too delayed responses from sales team, and most inquiries were ignored.

    DS support is hit and miss. Sometimes I'll get a series of super fast responses within minutes, other times it takes a lot longer. If they ignore your question, try repeating it in different words.

    Their prices are very low so I doubt they want to spend a lot of time in pre/sales negotiations. If you want cushy support, it generally comes with a price!

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  • RurikoRuriko Member

    Datashack have good tech support since they reply fast. They even replaced my broken HDD within 6hours

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  • vaotamvaotam Member

    More review please !

  • sinsin Member

    The server I had with Datashack was awesome, delivery time was about 1 day (I ordered on a Sunday evening and got it Monday afternoon) and support was really quick, always replied with help in 2 to 8 minutes or so.

    With that said, I think Dacentec is the better deal right now and their support is also extremely good.

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  • They're in Kansas so all servers come with premium Wizard of Oz connotations.

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  • BensDaManBensDaMan Member
    edited July 2015

    Tried them about 12 months ago, the network was terrible, massive packet loss (50-60%) for hour long periods at a time, sometimes multiple times a day, and the support, well, those fuckers couldn't care less.

    Certainly don't recommend Datashack to anyone, for anything.
    Using them for production? Heh, thats a good joke, I'll write that one down..

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  • vaotamvaotam Member

    Keep update !!!

  • not the best of networks

    I AM BACK :)
    Working Windows Server 2012 R2 on 6GB! Beat that!

  • hawchawc Member, Moderator, LIR

    Its WholeSale internet, check my thread on them

    tl:dr, had to PP reverse them after server broke and support was "helpful".

    Stay as far away as you can

  • @hawc said:

    tl:dr, had to PP reverse them after server broke and support was "helpful".

    I had to do a chargeback with the first server I ever got from them ~2 years ago after they deployed something different than I had ordered and refused to do a refund as per their terms... Left a bad taste in my mouth, but time has gone by so I'm trying to forgive and forget. Maybe history doesn't always repeat itself?

    Their addons (extra HDD, etc.) seem a bit pricey for the quality of hardware offered and the market they're in, but if you only need the default config, it may be worth a shot.

  • sinsin Member
    edited July 2015

    Speaking of Datashack/Wholesale - did anyone else manage to order one of Wholesale's $10 servers they put up yesterday (there was also a $15 Quad)? They sold out quick, I got notified they were back in stock this morning so I quickly ordered one...says it's a Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM, 250GB Harddrive, 100mb unmetered, and 1 IP for $10/month. They aren't listed on their website anymore so I dunno if it was just limited stock or what.

    -edit- Just received my server...Looks like they gave me 5 IPv4 (instead of the 1 that was listed) and a Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5300 @ 2.60GHz for $10/month - not bad :)

  • vaotamvaotam Member

    So datasack is wholesale ?

  • notgodnotgod Member

    datashack is wholesaleinternet company.

    i am sure, just different bands.

    last times i have try, but not god

    1. network has big question
      other company 100M port can use 99Mbps, her just 4M,
      yeah, you are not see error, just 4M, big overseller

    2. very old hardware.
      i order the storage servers. tested used > 5 years disk.

    so has cancel and can't review,

    here just cheap, but use not good for we...... : web ping test service an internet host from 60+ locations in worldwide : this domains can seller .....

  • @notgod said:
    datashack is wholesaleinternet company.

    i am sure, just different bands.

    Yes, this is what it says when they send an invoice:


    Thank you for choosing DataShack as your internet services provider! We appreciate your business.

    An invoice has been created for services from Wholesale Internet. Please find the details below.


  • MarkGMarkG Member

    The company is solid, servers work fine and people at the company do a good job. All is good at DataShack.

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