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IPv6 Only Servers?
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IPv6 Only Servers?

randvegetarandvegeta Member, Provider

Hello all!

Everyone knows that IPv4 is running out, and probably it's going to be around forever! Or at least, I am expecting it to outlive most of us.

Adoption of IPv6 has been slow, to say the least, and since they are not compatible, most people are looking for servers with at least 1 IPv4 address.

But what if you didn't need an IPv4 address? Services like CloudFlare is IPv6 ready, and if you have a website hosted on an IPv6 only server, you can use services like CloudFlare to get your website visible to all the IPv4 users.

Not to mention, many back-end servers can happily do work and communicate with each other on IPv6, and since they aren't customer facing, giving them IPv4 seems almost wasteful.

So is anyone doing IPv6 only VPS and Dedicated Servers? Or indeed IPv6 only webhosting? If not, is it about time someone tried?

It also occurred to me that the vast majority of hacking and ddos attacks are done over the IPv4 internet. For the time being, hiding behind IPv6 may in itself be a form of DDOS protection, at least for the next few years. Maybe it's a good thing?

Any thoughts?

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