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3 days old 128 mb vps selling

3 days old 128 mb vps selling

tridinebandimtridinebandim Member
edited August 2012 in General


i recently bought a 128mb vps with no brust from chicagovps (last friday). 12$/year

play/mess with it a few hours, as a noob i got a conclusion 128mb vps not a good choice for me even for messing/learning

i ask for a refund, but no chance, cant get my 12 bucks with an answer "unfortunately not"

dont have any problem with the vps, its responding good for me

if its ok i want to sell it here cos i am not able to set it in good use.

ill send the ip and login information of the vps to the buyer.

i dont know if chicagovps guys like this idea but i ll give it a try

chicagovps your vps may be rock solid but your customer service sucks...

selling for 10$


20GB free space in (opens in a new tab)(really...)


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