Please help! My klogd is stuck...
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Please help! My klogd is stuck...

dantesdantes Member
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Hey everybody,

I need some advice. I spent 8 hours today to solve this problem, however without success...

I have 2 VPSs with exactly the same problem. They both run Ubuntu 10.04 LTS under an openvz config.

I installed "nullmailer" to serve as my local sendmail/smtp server. However, one of it's dependencies is "klogd", so it installed it as well...

I have no idea why it's necessary..

Anyway, it gets stuck on load. I gets stuck for about 5-10 minutes. After this period, it's still not running. The main problem is that after reboot, no service (nginx/php-fpm) will turn on until klogd will finish being stuck.

It also runs some "dd" process... Here is the "ps ax | grep dd" output: /bin/dd bs=1 if=/proc/kmsg of=/var/run/klogd/kmsg

Here is how it looks for 10 mins:



  • NickMNickM Member

    That dd process is used for transferring messages from the kernel to the syslog. This is done to avoid having your syslog daemon running as root, since /proc/kmsg is only readable by root.

    As for nullmailer... nullmailer actually doesn't depend on klogd (or any syslogd), it's a recommended package though, and Ubuntu by default installs recommended packages as if they were hard dependencies. You can add APT::Install-Recommends "0"; to your /etc/apt/apt.conf file (and then run apt-get update) to avoid this.

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  • dantesdantes Member

    Thanks @NickM Do you have any idea why it got stuck? Should I keep it? Thanks...

  • NickMNickM Member

    I have no idea why it got stuck. It's actually the init script that is stuck. I have heard of some problems with klogd in Ubuntu on OpenVZ, but that was a few years ago. You don't really need a syslog at all, but I'd recommend using syslog-ng instead of the default sysklogd, since it can be helpful in diagnosing problems.

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