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Help us with Beta testing - Free KVM VPS for testing

Help us with Beta testing - Free KVM VPS for testing

AlexBarakovAlexBarakov Member, Provider
edited July 2012 in General


So the past 5 days were way too long. Problems kept appearing one after another with my new provider (Talking about Limestonenetworks). Anyway, finally everything is resolved and I am ready to move the KVM testing from my dev server to a production server and I was hoping that you guys can test it out for 10 days, do whatever you want with it and in the meantime review the performance and give me feedback and suggestions on improving the quality.

It is planned to release a new line of KVM beta servers along with other new improvements, on my first anniversary after 1 whole year in the hosting industry. So far I have been testing it in a clsoe enviroment, without other users on the node, now I was hoping to see how the things work out with 10-20 users on a production node.

The node itself is: E3 1230 v2 16GB of RAM, ready to be upgraded to 32GB if needed for the testing 4x750GB WD HDDs in hardware RAID10

The beta plans are: Hdd Space: 50GB CPU Cores: 4 RAM: 512MB Bandwidth: 400GB Port: 100mbps

Upgrades are possible, just include your reason for additional resources in your request.

A couple of things that are important as well: - This plan comes with absolutely no SLA or uptime guarantee - This package will be cancelled and terminated on 28th of July 2012. - Please do not keep absolutely no valuable data on this VPS, as random data-loss might occur. We should not be held responsible for any data loss.

And finally the order link:

The ISO's are: CentOS 5.8 32/64 bit netinstall CentOS 6.3 32/64 bit netinstall Debian 6 netinstall More can be added on request

And apologise for my bad English

AlphaVPS - OpenVZ and KVM, DDoS Protected VPS in London, UK | Sofia, BG and NYC, US



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