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96mb96mb Member
edited July 2012 in Providers

So I posted a review on Amanah yesterday, and guess what? My free VPS with them was terminated just now :)

Moral of the story - Don't post anything that is less than positive about them (and I do not consider the review I had with them was really negative) if you want your free VPS. (You can read my post here:

And I guess a general note to the providers: Please do not consider your request for a VPS review is a request for "positive" VPS review by default, I will only speak what I see :)

**EDIT: **Screenshot added [img] [/img]

UPDATE: Turns out they have terminated all free VPS and need users to sign up again and provide backlink to them after 30 days, the termination has nothing to do with my review, apologies for making the assumptions.

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