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Dear clients,

StyleX Networks Inc. will be closing on 9/30/2014. Please note that all services will be terminated on 9/30/2014, please take any and all necessary back ups to prevent data loss. StyleX Networks will not be responsible for any data loss.

During this duration no payments are required.


StyleX Networks Inc.
Simple yet professional!


  • Anyone know the reason why they are closing down?

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  • said: Simple yet professional!

    I love this one...professionally closing business I guess.

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  • No idea, popped in my email about 5 minutes ago...

    I guess I broke them with the $1 for life VPS deal when they launched.

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  • connercg said: I guess I broke them with the $1 for life VPS deal when they launched.

    Same :(

  • company offers $1 for life VPS and goes bankrupt.

    shocked :O

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  • inb4 purchased by CVPS

    Here lies Nekki. He loved massive amounts of storage, K-Pop and calling people cunts.

  • kontamkontam Member
    edited September 2014

    @QuadraNet_Adam said:
    Anyone know the reason why they are closing down?

    Maybe because they are the worst hosting provider on the Western hemisphere? Just check WHT threads if you want a good laugh. I remember a few times their downtime lasting for DAYS! without any updates or such. I claimed a refund few years ago when they had a downtime of almost four days without answering tickets. Good thing I got out on time. I knew this was going to happen sooner or later because these people just don't know how to run a business.

  • They were really getting it togther, I had 320 days uptime before I rebuilt the box last month... :(

  • @Nekki said:
    inb4 purchased by CVPS

    Lets start the bidding off at $7 for the company

    How to clean up a questionable reputation: throw the kids some BF/CM offers.

  • "When Kasra "Owner" was taking care of the company, every thing was good actually, for the last 4 months he got busy and left the administration to his manager who destroyed every thing, I talked to Kasra many times on Skype and emails so he provide us our salaries for the last period and to take care of clients before they leave the company, but he didn't care and i am not sure why, I even threatened him that these issues will destroy the reputation of the company, still he didn't take care.
    Lately some clients lost their data because some issues on storage, we talked to them before to fix these issue on storage but nobody listened.
    His manager uses some nick names on tickets to deceive people, he is using nickname like, chris, adam, and now josh, actually his real name is not one of these 3 names and he is from Egypt actually."

    Quadcone said: Looks like

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  • Having 1 VPS with them and a domain hosted at their Anycast DNS. Last month's email open with them and closed by them without any reply.

    Suspect something fishy... moved the domain out from their Anycast DNS early September.

    I also received the email announcement on closing business...guess have to find another reputable VPS provider.

  • Scammer from Egypt?

    I like what she said, not what it means.

  • @Chuck said:
    Scammer from Egypt?

    Jesus people throw that term around, it wasn't scam as the orders were actually fulfilled.

    Taking a hiatus.

  • GoodHostingGoodHosting Member
    edited September 2014

    @wych said:
    Jesus people throw that term around, it wasn't scam as the orders were actually fulfilled.

    Welcome to LowEndScam, where everything is a scam!

    Edit: Ooops, sorry, this isn't the C'est la vi pit.

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  • @wych said:
    Jesus people throw that term around, it wasn't scam as the orders were actually fulfilled.

    Exactly. They were actually around for a couple of years or so and, for a while, had really good service. However, they seemed to run into a lot of issues with their SAN and it seemed to derail any hopes for them being able to provide top-tier service. Add to that the fact that, after dealing with a few outages, their most visible response to it was raising their prices, I knew that this wasn't going to end well.

  • I signed up with them last year. I bailed out when their NAS failed and took them too long to recover. :(

  • I get notification of shutting down - after my servers is downed - this a joke by some crook.

  • Hello the VPS cannot be started you have given the notice but how can one take backup if the VPS is not starting.. Please do something about it..

  • Can anyone provide any information regarding the owner how to approach him, the VPS servers won't start and not able to take the backup..This is critical

  • If it is critical, you already have recent backups, so, no prob bro.

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