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    Looking for a BTC/LTC/AUR/DOGE provider
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    Looking for a BTC/LTC/AUR/DOGE provider

    duckeeyuckduckeeyuck Member
    edited May 2014 in Offers

    So I can pay using those coins. AUR is iceland's official coin for the ones that don't know.

    So I'm looking for the following specs:
    256mb kvm or 768gb ovz.
    10b disk or ssd (ssd for bigger peen) or 20gb+ on ovz
    any bandie
    Prefering: L.A. - SWITZERLAND - Sweden - Spain

    3$ budget, I'll be ordering more but I love to test providers before upgrading to something decent.

    Just ask me for a fixed coin price of U.S.D. equivalent.
    I don't mind if the ovz instance is on an oversold node, I love cheap ovz offers.

    This is just my ruby DE.


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