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A nice backup policy using headless installation of app
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A nice backup policy using headless installation of app

ironhideironhide Member
edited December 2013 in Tutorials

We all know that we can get 22GB of free storage in (using referral code + a twit ). But many of us don't know that we can use this storage space as a nice backup space for our Low End Boxes. Here is how

  1. create a new account (you can use my referral code and both of us will get 5GB for free )

  2. Now install a headless version of app in your linux vps. It's memory footprint is really small. And because of being headless, it can effectively run in the background using nohup

you can find a tutorial here:

  1. Now run the headless version of client (notice the location of the app for 32bit and 64 bit version of OS)

  2. Keep your backup files in copy app's home directory. It will be instantly synced to

That's it. After you fill up all your 20GB, just unlink this account and maybe link a new account. Your old backups will stay forever in previous account.

Now some of you may say that what happens if somehow the files are deleted from the VPS because App will sync that change. But guess what, you can undelete files anytime from :) If you are smart, it will work really well.

Hope it helps :)

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