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Just got a 1GB RAM 1.2GB vSwap 4 vCPU Core VPS and ruuing Wordpress OS question.
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Just got a 1GB RAM 1.2GB vSwap 4 vCPU Core VPS and ruuing Wordpress OS question.


Don't be too harsh on me, I tired researching and also installed via scripts found in the wiki but still have a few qustions.

My end goal is to use this for a solid development box or possible use to host if its good enough.

My shared hosting uses centos currently
but I want to set up a reverse proxy (possibly Varnish)
and run Nginx, all for speed improvements
As Ill be running a Buddypress network and want to have a speedy site.

the Specs are:
1.2GB vSwap
4 vCPU Cores
30GB Disk space
1TB Bandwidth
100Mbps uplink
1x IPv4 address

OS wise will runing Ubuntu over Centos or Debian really hurt me memory resource wise. I want to run everything as fast as possible but lso want to have compatibility and an option (free) to push via something like Chef Rex, etc but I don't know much about compatibilities and don't yet have the knowledge to trouble shoot.

Any suggestions on the best OS for that,

I also am looking for complete bash scripts to help me test different options but want to have the easiest learning curve.
For those who may ask I usually learn best by taking things apart to reassemble them , so getting the best image to work with will help me out the best in learning more about managing a box myself,

Thank you for your help


  • jarjar Provider

    Welcome! As far as OS goes, being new to this, I'd suggest using whatever fits a guide that best accomplishes your goal. Any distro can be minimal, not just any choice is going to have an easy updated guide laying around.

    I'm sure some others will post some guides, but just wanted to say welcome :)

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  • Thank you jarland, yea that is one issue right now is finding an up to date guide. Because security is very important to me, I know I need to find reputable sources

  • Welcome @richardvagel

    Varnish is a PITA to configure properly but worthwhile when you finally get it right. As for development, I'd actually suggest you look into Vagrant ( as that'll let you mess with a box without worrying about any production sites you have. Definately required if you're messing with VCLs.

    For distros, note that most Debian tutorials will most likely work with your Ubuntu setup so don't disregard those. I prefer Debian since I can use the dotdeb repository without worry though.

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  • Back when I was still "newb", my first Linux distro was Ubuntu Desktop running in a Virtualbox (still owned by Sun). I have since moved on to Ubuntu Server - which is now my OS of choice for any server (my old IBM server (2003) to my closet network drive).

    From my very bias standing, I find Ubuntu to be the best Linux distro. I find Red Hat's OS's (Centos, Redhat, Fedora) to be disorganized (although I hear from my friends that Ubuntu is made of pure chaos :P ). Every Linux distro has its social niches, some will say Arch is best, while others, Slackware. Each distro has a personality and each distro can be made to work like any other distro. So picking one won't really restrict you.

    So basically just wanted to say welcome with the recommendation to just dive in. Although not an answer to your questions I say, find for yourself what works, and what doesn't. One of the principles of Computer Science is to learn by doing.

    Cheers, and no, running a Ubuntu server will not hurt "memory wise".

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  • Pick what ever OS you are most comfortable with. Ubuntu is a fine choice if you like it more and know your way around it. As for the rest, what's your target daily load? Because, with Wordpress, the easiest thing is to go with the basic LAMP.

    If you expect a lot of traffic, then switching to Nginx and/or Varnish later on is always an option, but it's not necessary at first, unless you expect a ton of traffic or something.

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  • Welcome.

    I uses Ubuntu on all my servers. It runs quite well, with Apache only consuming 50MB of RAM. My usually LAMP with WordPress consumes 200-300MB. Unless you're expecting high amounts of traffic, Apache will serve you just fine.

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  • @Casius said:
    Unless you're expecting high amounts of traffic, Apache will serve you just fine.

    Apache will serve just fine, no matter the traffic, but may need some aids.
    FFS, people, Apache or any other webserver will do if caching is implemented properly, it is not like wordpress cannot be cached close to 100%, the real problems appear when the same query is run by every single visitor and kills php/mysql, not apache per se.
    Tweaking PHP, MySQL, Apache, Varnish, or their counterparts is a full dark art, though, it depends so much on what content you are serving too, and everyone has their pets and have more expertise there.
    Apache is perfectly fine, it may lag behind in stress tests and need a bit more resources, but, in case of heavy traffic, the real heavy lifters are not the webservers, or, rather, SHLOUD NOT be.

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  • Hi @richardvagel , I just want to share some tips from our neighbor about securing your WP blog.

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    Happy to be alive and kicking!

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