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Cheap plesk license
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Cheap plesk license

marsonmarson Member


Can anyone recommend cheap plesk license? Web pro edition will be OK for me, I need only plesk license without VPS


  • LTnigerLTniger Member

    Does plesk is better than directadmin?

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  • WebProjectWebProject Member, Provider

    Great price but they based in Malaysia so no privacy protection laws or GDPR (no one knows how your data will be used), try the following provider in EU:

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  • @LTniger said:
    Does plesk is better than directadmin?


  • marsonmarson Member
    edited March 21

    @LTniger said: Does plesk is better than directadmin?


    Good question and good person;) I can try to answer it for you. I know DirectAdmin very well, I use it for years and I work in hosting company that offers managed VPS with DirectAdmin in Poland, I am using DirectAdmin for several years and I am able to properly secure and customize DirectAdmin to my needs. But... well couple weeks ago one person ask us if we can manage plesk server instead of DirectAdmin for him, we agreed and I installed plesk for hin then configure it step by step.

    At first Plesk was veirt, totally different structure, totally different meaning of thinks, like subscriptions no familiar custombuild, website at /var/www instead of /home howeve when I look closer at plesk I feel that is more powerful than DirectAdmin, like:

    1. Almost everything can be managed by GUI instead of CLI and hand-made config files
    2. POstgreSQL support
    3. Ruby and GIT support out of box
    4. PHP as RPM not source, maybe a bit slower but faster to install, uninstall and maintain
    5. incremental backups and different backups storage like dropbox, google drive etc
    6. Docker support
    7. Excellent documentation with explanation what is the problem, why it can happen and how to solve it, not just do this, do that and it will work... or not :)

    And all of this I can tell just after couple weeks or days after my first attempt with plesk, I am just impressed, so that is why I am asking for license only, I would like to setup plesk for myself on some spare VPS or dedicated to familiar it more. Of course DirectAdmin is still great especially comparing the price but after all years with DirectAdmin I clearly see that it is lacking features or at leaset needs a lot of manual interventions for example to create a fully working autodisaver configuration with DirectAdmin I have to manually create SRV records and proper configuration files, with plesk all I can do is clicking a checkbox in plesk adnin panel to do the same.

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  • xaocxaoc Member

    I think that digitalocean offers Plesk for free(3 domains limit) on their VMs. At least that was the case a while back.

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  • RickBakkrRickBakkr Member, LIR

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