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DirectAdmin with cPanel DNS Only for DNS
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DirectAdmin with cPanel DNS Only for DNS


I understand DirectAdmin offer DNS clustering between multiple DA server and there is 3rd party option to run external DNS as well (i.e. DirectSlave) but anyone here who is using cPanel as well as DirectAdmin ??? What are you guys doing for DNS ??

I have been using cP DNS only setup for my DNS for multiple cPanel servers and I am considering to switch to DA for a few servers but I don't think I be able to do that for all cP server. So really want to keep using cP DNS only as a DNS cluster if there is a way for it. (I am sure there is something)

I am seeing most hosts here moving to DA after the price jump of cP license. And I bet some of them are still using cP DNS for their DNS setup. Any help here ?

I see there is a thread with custom script in DA forum but that does not seem to work well with the latest cP DNS Only using powerdns.

I do want to switch some servers to DA but this DNS cluster problem is holding me back :(
Any help ??



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