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Do you wear a mask for COVID-19?
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Do you wear a mask for COVID-19?

dustincdustinc Member, Provider

There's a lot of people out there who have underlying health conditions (or those who are perfectly healthy) that believe masks are a necessity at all times when in public.

Then there's those who don't believe that masks are necessary at all.

Curious to know, what is your operating basis when it comes to dealing with the spread of COVID-19? Vote in the poll below!

COVID-19 Mask
  1. Do you wear a mask for COVID-19?158 votes
    1. Yes - I believe mask are a necessity
    2. No - I don't believe mask are a necessity
    3. Meh - Just depends how I'm feeling that day

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  • t0ny0t0ny0 Member

    Not wearing a mask equals showing people the middle finger, in my opinion.
    Yes, everyone is free to do as they please, but if its scientifically proven to lower chances of getting sick for you AND for everyone around you - its a no brainier.

    Also - wearing a mask when jogging/driving is stupid.

    My 2.5c

  • MikeAMikeA Member, Provider

    what's covid-19?

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  • jbilohjbiloh Administrator

    I do at all times and have grown frustrated with people who don't. Even if you don't believe in it (science almost universally agrees they are helpful) it's simply courteous to those around you to wear a mask.

    Thanked by 3truweb hostdare Dylan
    Jon Biloh
  • TheLinuxBugTheLinuxBug Member
    edited June 24

    Yes. Use commonsense. Not even sure why you would be motivated to ask this.

    Do you wear a condom for sex with hookers? If so, you should also wear a mask for Covid 19. Otherwise, you probably aren't intelligent enough to care about your self / others health and well-being anyways and we can let Darwin take care of those people.

    my 2 cents.


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  • RoboCainRoboCain Member
    edited June 24

    When in Rome do as the Romans do.

    It depends where I'm at...

    "People want paradise. They will have it."

    -Cain (RoboCop 2 ,1990)

  • Dearest All,

    This is the first of me hearing about COVID-19, deary me the world is scarier every day. I will buy many masks from the store. I thought there was a fashion trend that I wasn't aware of.

    With Warm Regards,
    James B Peach

    Thanked by 1MikeA
  • I wear masks inside of buildings / densely crowded places. Wearing masks at parks / walking or running / driving is un-needed, in my opinion.

  • ExonHostExonHost Member, Provider

    I do all time when go out side of home.

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  • rajatrajat Member, Provider

    Yea i wear mask - Your Hosting, Our Responsibility!
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  • Intelpentium0Intelpentium0 Member, Provider

    I do wear mask while going out. Also it's noted that headache usually comes on days which I wore mask for prolonged period. Means less supply of oxygen created such headache.

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  • hyperblasthyperblast Member
    edited June 24

    Yes - I believe mask are a cool because legal disguise is finally possible. keeping the maximum distance seems safer to me than wearing a mask but but disguise is good.

  • cociucociu Member, Provider

    the mask is the proof of respect each others.

    Thanked by 1sgheghele
  • godchawgodchaw Member

    masks are necessary

  • rm_rm_ Member

    Absolutely, but only when riding a bus or entering a store etc. It's no use wearing masks while just walking the streets in open air.

    Thanked by 1sayem314
  • No, never at work and never out. I do have a shower and wash my clothes after being around at work or in places I see a lot of people.

    My dad had to wear one just to go into the doctors but that was the only time he used one as he's self isolating.

  • NyrNyr Member

    Yes, the facts are clear and not wearing one is selfish and foolish.

    I always wear a KN95 mask in public places, except during the night when streets are empty.

    A related question would be how is mask ability in different parts of the world, specially good quality masks. For example, in Europe we have very little and expensive FFP2 stock, with the most popular masks in Spain being hygienic (worse than surgical) and lots of dubious quality KN95 imports. Thankfully it is possible to import reliable and cheap masks from China, so that's what I have been doing for me and my family.

  • NeoonNeoon Member
    edited June 24

    No, the only exception would be, if I am are forced aka going into a store.

    The reason behind this is, that these "community mask's" according to lies and statistics won't do shit.

    The statistics, say, that only small droplets if you are infected and could spread it, will stay in the air and since they are such small in size, they can easily go through the "mask".

    Which does render these community masks completely useless and you could have spend your money on a hooker and it would be better invested.

    Thanked by 1WSWD
  • xaocxaoc Member

    No point as the masks i can get here are useless against SARS‐CoV‐2 and they are very expensive.

    So Say We All

  • rm_rm_ Member
    edited June 24

    @Neoon said: , they can easily go through the "mask".

    Can go through, or can land on the surface of the mask. Even if 50/50 chance, why not get some odds in your favor, that it will be captured. Rather than going without and having 100% of everything land into your nose or mouth. It's not expensive either, like $7 for 50pcs, $12 for 100 on Aliexpress by now. And even if not gonna die from coronavirus, it sure would suck being sick for 2 weeks or so from it.

    Thanked by 1vimalware
  • We wear masks as often as possible out of respect for others.

    There has been a lot of backlash here about wearing masks though...people just don't get it....including my father...sigh...

    Thanked by 1vimalware

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  • muffinmuffin Member
    edited June 24

    @anycastbgp said:
    We wear masks as often as possible out of respect for others.

    There has been a lot of backlash here about wearing masks though...people just don't get it....including my father...sigh...

    Same, even if they are just for decorations, I wear them to make others feel at ease.

  • Almost no one wears a mask in my city.
    I don't wear one.

    While there were more infected, we had curfews - and at those times I wore a mask in all the closed public spaces - primarily to protect the others from myself.

    Nowadays the number of infected is low enough for the hospitals to handle.
    And I suppose, until there is a vaccine (if ever), everyone of us will get the virus sooner, or later.

    Mostly harmless™

    I/O Gremlin

  • dergelbedergelbe Member

    I voted Meh!

    I don't think they are much use, but I do wear one when there are people around. Just because many believe they do work, and there is no harm wearing one (I know some conspiracy site tell you the opposite, but I don't buy that BS). Some people get uneasy when they see somebody without mask, and I believe they should be respected.

    I don't wear one when I am on the green trails out with the mountain bike. But most hikers/riders/dog walkers don't wear them there.

    Well, I basically believe they are not much use, but there is some doubt in my believe. In places where masks are common, Hong Kong (>95% wearing them) for example, the infection rate is rather low. Just consider that Hong Kong in terms of population and density is very close to New York, and we know how bad it's there.

    So even as non-deep-believer I use one happily.

  • sonicsonic Member

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  • EHRAEHRA Member

    Yes, I use it whenever I leave the house.

  • ramonwapramonwap Member

    yes, if i leave home

  • RedSoxRedSox Member

    Since the beginning of March, there are only 600 infected in my region. Therefore no one wears a mask. If I wear a mask people would look at me like the black sheep. There was a period from March to June 1, when approximately 60-80% of people wore masks.

  • Vova1234Vova1234 Member, Provider
    edited June 25

    I wear a mask from the beginning of quarantine. Since March. The mask had no effect on my life. I am now like a real anonymous person.

    At the current moment in the summer, in general masks are worn by people of 5% percent somewhere. It will be funny if there are repetitions of spring 2020 to autumn 2020.

    Thanked by 1rm_

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  • mikeimikei Member

    Never worn yet. Also, I'm not a Costco member. Also, 2m distance is totally normal to me.

  • CycloneServersCycloneServers Member, Provider

    I usually only wear it when I go out in public.

  • CConnerCConner Member, Provider

    Everyone wearing a mask would be ideal but just not practical. I do believe that we need a social change to make it unacceptable to not wear a mask whenever a person is showing symptoms of any disease.

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  • SavaSava Member

    In Vietnam, no one died from covid-19. And we use reusable cloth masks.
    It's not clear why your country has such morbid and ethical things like "covid-19" parties.

  • webdevwebdev Member

    that looks like underwear...

  • People should use a mask at least in public but at the end of the day viruses will spread no matter what.

  • rm_rm_ Member

    People should use a mask at least in public but at the end of the day viruses will spread no matter what.

    Simple solution, don't go out of your house if it's the end of the day. :)

    Thanked by 1CConner
  • JSCLJSCL Member, Provider

    No. We've been COVID free for 35+ days now here and as per our medical experts 'local elimination has been achieved' so our pubs are open, we have no social distancing and we can get back to normal.

    If America wants to keep protesting lockdowns against their civil liberties and attending rallys en masse, more fool them and you should definitely wear a mask.

  • barkbark Member

    Here in Asia, it's second nature. You keep your mask next to the front door.

    The beach town where I live, if you DON'T wear a mandatory mask while out in public at all times, you will be vocally assaulted at the least, and very possibly arrested. You can't enter ANY store whatsoever without one, not even a 7-11.

    Yes, you have to wear a mask to walk on the beach too. Duh.

    Hint: There is no second wave, we're quite simply right smack dab in the middle of this pandemic. Don't be a stupid ignorant child about the thing, we really are living in an episodically brutal timeline of human history. And ALL trying to survive.

    No matter what the Prez of murica and his cronies & dull witted minions say.

    Look at what has happened now after US spring break. Whoa. Say hey, just bring that deadly thing right on home to mom, dad, and all yer buds. There ya go. Effing brilliant.

    Don't bring that shit home people.

    Wear a mask.

  • OseriOseri Member

    @t0ny0 said:
    Not wearing a mask equals showing people the middle finger, in my opinion.

    Very true, masks are mainly to protect others from yourself in case you're infected, so not using means you don't care for other people.

    In my city is mandatory to wear a mask in public places, but you see in the streets many people without it (no wonder the curve still raising). At least before allowing you to enter public places like buses, stores and workplaces you're need to wear a mask, apply hand sanitizer and have checked your body temperature.

    Thanked by 1TheLinuxBug
  • qpsqps Member, Provider

    Masks are becoming mandatory in North Carolina effective tomorrow if you're out in public. Will be interesting to see how well people comply with the order.

  • Anger erupts over new mask rule while experts say they are key to contain coronavirus

    "mask is killing people" ?
    "and you, Dr., are going to be arrested for crimes against humanity" ??
    over a mask mandate to stop the spread of coronavirus ???

  • When I go to public place I wear.

  • @chihcherng said:

    Anger erupts over new mask rule while experts say they are key to contain coronavirus

    "mask is killing people" ?
    "and you, Dr., are going to be arrested for crimes against humanity" ??
    over a mask mandate to stop the spread of coronavirus ???


    They want to destroy God's wonderful breathing system.

    FFS. What about God's wonderful covid virus? There are some crazy people out there.

    Thanked by 1randomq
  • If this is how stubbornly people react to a wildfire like bio-threat, it doesn't inspire any confidence that climate change will ever be addressed in time.

    I think I should get snipped. I don't even accidentally want to bring a child into the coming 'wet' Hellscape.

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