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Kimsufi - torrenting
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Kimsufi - torrenting

Does anyone use a Kimsufi server for torrenting? i.e. a cheap seedbox type of deal.

Does Kimsufi allow this?


  • MikeAMikeA Member, Provider

    Torrenting doesn't matter, but you have to respond to DMCA within like 24 hours or risk getting the IP blocked.

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  • OsirisBlackOsirisBlack Member
    edited May 18

    There OK for long term seeding of Linux ISO but not so good if you want to race Linux ISO. I'd also stick to private Linux ISO downloading to avoid what MikeA has stated.

  • Jake4Jake4 Member

    Would recommend sticking a SOCKs proxy to your torrent server to prevent DMCA notices

  • CalmDownCalmDown Member

    If you are on private trackers, that's absolutely fine.

  • defaultdefault Member
    edited May 19

    Solution is simple: use a public VPN (NordVPN, FastestVPN, Ivacy, KeepSolid, etc.).

    1. Remove IPv6 connection (to avoid torrenting over server's IPv6)
    2. Add routing table, like the following (to enable incoming connections over server's IP, like SSH, even when VPN is active). [Replace server-ipv4 and gateway-ipv4 as needed.]
    sudo ip rule add from _server-ipv4_ table 128
    sudo ip route add table 128 to _server-ipv4_/24 dev eth0
    sudo ip route add table 128 default via _gateway-ipv4_
    1. Enable the VPN and make sure it stays connected with a crontab script.
    2. Start torrenting on seedbox

    DISCLAIMER: My comment is intended for legal sharing of data, like Linux/FreeBSD or other open source software, through VPN. LET is not a board to promote hacking, abuses, copyright infringements, or other illegal activities.

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    Fastmako (aff) - great VPS for your needs.

  • kennsannkennsann Member

    Alternatively you can use a rutorrent-vpn docker.

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  • marropaxmarropax Member

    As long as there’s no copyright or other legal notices coming

  • raindog308raindog308 Moderator

    I use a seedbox from a seedbox provider, but for years I used a Kimsufi with public trackers.

    Never got a single DMCA or contact from Kimsufi about anything.

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  • stefemanstefeman Member
    edited May 21

    Its OVH for god sake. You dont need to run an OVH server through VPN.. Even Hetzner is safe for random public tracker usage.. Ive done so for 2 years now without any issues.

    Even if you choose France location from the VPN for ur OVH server, its probly just another OVh server hosted by the VPN provider lol.

    @MikeA said:
    Torrenting doesn't matter, but you have to respond to DMCA within like 24 hours or risk getting the IP blocked.

    OVH forwarding DMCA to the client? Never heard of that happening myself. It probly does, but not with torrents.

    Thanked by 1o_be_one
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