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    CDN that supports stripping of query parameters
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    CDN that supports stripping of query parameters

    I'm looking for a cheap CDN that will allow me to cache file.mp4?a=1&b=2&c=3 as file.mp4. BunnyCDN unfortunately does not support this. Cloudflare does but caching mp4s gets your zone removed from the network.

    Anyone else? Ideally I'd like to also be able to control caching somehow, either by directly configuring how much TTL I want or having origin Cache-Control honored.



    • IonSwitch_StanIonSwitch_Stan Member, Host Rep

      Isn't this what Bunny's Vary Cache does? (

    • Nope. I asked support directly and they said they don't support it. I am however creating a workaround using Cloudflare workers. The idea is that I'm already using a worker that handles all requests so I can simply analyze those requests for mp4's, strip any parameters I don't need and direct those via a different CDN, such as Bunny.

      Very complicated way of achieving the same thing :)

    • hacktek said: Cloudflare does but caching mp4s gets your zone removed from the network.

      More info on this?
      They did blocked you?

    • They have in the past. It's very well known that it's against their terms of service to cache large non-html content, especially video.

    • PUSHR_VictorPUSHR_Victor Member, Provider

      We do ignore query strings by default and specialize in video. We also cache the whole file on partial request. You can PM me or drop a line at [email protected] and I will arrange a trial if you are interested.

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    • I think allows an optional ignore

    • hacktekhacktek Member
      edited February 5

      I ended up going the CF worker route, looking good so far :)

      This is video offloaded to bunny over the last couple of days:

      Workflow is basically...

      Not video: Client -> CDN1 (CloudFlare) -> Origin
      Video: Client -> CDN1 (CloudFlare) -> CDN2 (BunnyCDN) -> CDN1 (CloudFlare) -> Origin

      So traffic basically takes a detour to Bunny before going back to origin via CF if needed. This works well because connectivity between Bunny and CF seems to happen within the same metro, at least most of the time.

      Here's an example of a req that stayed within cross-CDN nodes in Miami:

      CF-RAY: 560653b79ac9b8a5-MIA..CDN-ServerZone: MI

      And another example in TX:

      CF-RAY: 560656ccebcbec72-DFW..CDN-ServerZone: TX

      And before anyone asks, I'd rather come back to CF than go direct to origin from Bunny because CF goes to origin using Argo.

    • DataWagonDataWagon Member, Provider

      mv video.mp4 video.html

    • hacktekhacktek Member
      edited February 5


      I did think about rewriting the extension in the worker and then rewriting back at origin but they don't cache anything >512MB :)

    • ZerpyZerpy Member

      BunnyCDN supports caching it as file.mp4 and dropping query strings.

      My guess is that the support misunderstood the question or it was formulated incorrectly.

      By default query strings are ignored by BunnyCDN.

    • Indeed support gave me wrong information. They said that if I used than then the query parameters would be stripped from the forward request to the origin which is not true. I'm currently using Bunny as part of my solution and it's working quite well.

    • JanevskiJanevski Member
      edited February 15

      hacktek said: Cloudflare does but caching mp4s gets your zone removed from the network.

      Do you know what are the limits?
      And how does CloudFlare kick users?
      Mail notification and DNS without proxy, with the real IPs?

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    • Limit is don't cache video, it gets you auto booted pretty much. They send you an email that you abused their terms of service and disable your zone so all your orange clouded stuff starts going straight to origin.

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