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Best way to manage Gsuite for multiple clients??
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Best way to manage Gsuite for multiple clients??


In the past year I had multiple clients that sign-up to use Gsuite E-mail, and until now I always create a separate account to each client and on each client, I create 1 extra account just for me to manage as administrator.

So, for example, on a client that needs 5 email accounts I create 6. One is just for me to administrate.

For sure there must be a better way to manage all my clients without the need to create an extra account for each client.

Maybe create 1 Gsuite account for me, and that account is the “super-administrator” for all my clients?

Can anyone share your experience and advice? What is the best way to manage multiple Gsuite accounts (each account has it's on domain and is a different client)?



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