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Received an email from @cociu or, I think some people missed it last time as it was in Spam folder, not 100% sure if it is for select account/Targeted to few people? So if you add 10$, you get 5$ from Cociu so total, 15$ in you Hostsolutions account (which you can use for renewal, etc.). Let me know if off-topic so I delete or move to other topics, etc.

****Start of Email****

Free 50% Credit --Limited time ! Happy 2020

To start with, Happy New Year!

We're sending you this email because you're awesome, and we got some news for you.


We present you HostSolutions-v2020, a newly refreshed company ready to meet your needs, here's what you can expect for 2020:

  • A new guy has been introduced to our staff - Miguel Varela (known as MikePT as his alias) has started to work for us recently, he's a tech savvy that has been working in the industry for over 14 years.
    His SysAdmin skills (a L3 tech) are pretty much necessary to HostSolutions - we just didn't know back then :-).

Miguel's portfolio include companies such as Grindr, Tapatalk and several other companies within the webhosting industry. He's ready to serve your needs at HostSolutions and you'll love him.
He also provides Whitelabel Ticket Support, just in case you're interested in hiring someone that can handle your support desk for your clients at the URL - we too hired his services as a Shared Support Staff and it's proven to be flawless.

  • We are offering 50% credit in your deposit (promotion valid until 15-01-2020)! All you need to do is to add credit to your account, we'll then add an extra 50%, no ticket needed, no nothing, we'll do this within the next few hours. Sounds too good to be true? Well, consider it your Christmas gift.

  • HostSolutions-v2020 is a major overhaul in our company. This includes, but not limited to, more peers being added to our network and consistent support. During the day time your tickets are now answered prompt and efficiently.

You can vouch for HostSolutions to be your reliable company to host your website(s) with.

Thank you for your support!

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