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    StockServers Black Friday dedis, VPS coming soon
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    StockServers Black Friday dedis, VPS coming soon

    StockServersStockServers Member, Provider
    edited November 2019 in Offers

    Hey everyone!

    It's this time of the year - time to save some money!
    We give you our Black Friday deals!

    Our Black Friday sale

    These are limited quantities, so get them while they are still available.

    * i3 2120
    * 8GB RAM
    * 1TB HDD
    * 10TB @ 1Gbit
    * Miami

    $55/quarter Order Here

    Perhaps you have some Linux ISOs you need seeding? We have you covered.

    * X3430 (or better!)
    * 16GB RAM
    * 2x2TB HDD (add another for just an extra $7/mo (4 drives max)
    * 100Mbit unmetered (or 10TB @ 1Gbit for $5 cheaper!)
    * Los Angeles

    $35/month Order Here

    Perhaps you need some RAM? On an E3?

    * E3-1230v1-3 (random)
    * 32GB RAM
    * 1TB HDD
    * 10TB @ 1Gbit (or 100Mbit unmetered for an extra $5/mo)

    $60/month Order Here

    * E3-1240v6
    * 16GB RAM
    * 1TB HDD or 256GB SSD
    * 10TB @ 1Gbit
    * LAX

    $45/month Order Here

    We have limited stock - so hurry and get yours, before this deal runs out!

    VPS offers coming tomorrow!

    Be aware all servers are manually setup and it may take up to 3 business days. Hurry, while stocks last!

    Location Information

    LAX - Test IP ( - Test Files (100MB 1GB)
    MIA - Test IP ( - Test Files (100MB 1GB)
    DFW - Test IP ( - Test Files (100MB 1GB)

    Additional Information

    All services benefit from Quadranets 3Gbit VEST DDoS protection and benefit from their enterprise grade network. All services are eligible for BGP sessions and bring your own IP. Our in-house server control panel is currently not available and is being worked on and should be ready in ~2 weeks to allow users to reboot, reinstall and manage their IPs.

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