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Ubuntu 14.04 server request in EU.. Anyone still has this?
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Ubuntu 14.04 server request in EU.. Anyone still has this?

stefemanstefeman Member
edited September 2019 in Requests

VZ Type: KVM

Number of Cores: Any
RAM: 1 GB or more
Disk Space: Any
Disk Type: Any

Bandwidth: 1 TB or more (Most likely gonna use 100 GB at max but I like the 10x or more headroom)
Port Speed: 1Gbps shared fair use

DDoS Protection: Not needed, but it doesen't matter even if there are such thing.

Number of IPs: 1x IPv4

Location: Europe

Budget: 20 USD/month

Billing period: Monthly as this is a short term project based on age old code which I might or might not continue after the first month, hence why I offer 20 USD.

Additional information cause im asking old crap distro: Nothing illegal, just old piece of shit production software which only runs 14.04 right now for god knows why. I would take extra steps to protect the server with keyfiles and etc. Yes I know the distro is outdated, and I just need some time to debug this. I couldnt get the network up for this for various reasons on my personal proxmox node so Im outsourcing this lol.

Email ports can be blocked, I do not mind.


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