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SpaceRich Review
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SpaceRich Review

IxapeIxape Member
edited July 2011 in Reviews

A fews week ago I decided to give SpaceRich a shot. I went for one of their 10Mbps unmetered VPS in Munich, DE – Hetzner. The plan comes with 256MB RAM (Burst 384MB) and 25GB disk space for $3.99 monthly.

So far so good. I have been using the little box for mirroring websites and as a seed box. So far so good. Admittedly there it a little poor disk I/O on the node but then again it’s a $4 low end box!

It’s been proving good for my website mirror – As the tool I use for it can be rather resource intensive on larger websites. I’ve been able to burst to my full 384MB of RAM. The 10Mbps is proving handy – I’ve been able to burst it 100% at all times I’ve needed too – Whilst it’s not the fastest ports (and I’m getting what I pay for) it’s proves handy for downloading big files – As speed isn’t important to me whilst overall bandwidth allowance is < The 10Mbps port gives me just this.

CPU power has been good – Running my application has taken the box into load averages of 2.00 and I haven’t been kicked off yet. Uptime is also a plus – No outages so far!

Some images of my usage over the past week.

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